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CO2-neutral driving

Offset the CO2 emissions from your car and show others. more...

CO2-neutral flying

Use the CO2 Calculator to easily determine your emissions from travel and... more......

CO2-neutral events

Events can easily be made carbon neutral with Greenmiles... more...

Highest Quality Emission Reductions

Only officially recognized climate protection projects that are registered with the United Nations and work in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol... more...

TÜV audits Certificate and Management

In order to ensure full transparency, Greenmiles has its emission reduction certificate and management contract audited by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH, an independent auditor more...

The climate protection tickets 2017...

The new climate protection tickets 2017 are available from now on. Compensate your driving emission... more...

Still the best present in the world

Do you want to radiate a good atmoshere? Why don't you give a piece of climate protection?

Partner for Companies

Following the establishment of the working group “climate strategies for companies,” B.A.U.M. e.V. recommended Greenmiles for its members... more...