TÜV audits Certificate and Management

Hamburg, 26 September 2007

In order to ensure full transparency, Greenmiles has its emission reduction certificate and management contract audited by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH (TÜV Nord).

Every one of our customer’s contracts for offsetting emissions is encoded with an individual transaction number using a serial transaction-ID that includes the date, customer’s name, and emissions amount. You can also find this TAN on your certificate. TÜV Nord has access to this database at all times – it is of course contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the customer data – and can review the correct data switching and data storage by way of the control bookings. 

TÜV Nord is further authorized to review the actual emissions reductions by the climate protection projects according to the standards of the Kyoto Protocol against the amount of the offset contractually agreed to by the customer for a period of three years beginning on April 3, 2007. 
The audit is carried out at least once per year (at the latest when more than 20,000 Greenmiles transactions were made). The results of the audit are available on our website. The audit only applies to emissions compensation that is registered on this website.

You can read TÜV Nord’s press release directly on its website (Link to TÜV Nord).

TÜV Nord Cert GmbH is a so-called Designated Operational Entitiy, i.e.accredited under United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (more information here)

Download the 2009 report here (pdf).

Download the 2010 report here (pdf).

Download the 2011 report here (pdf). 

Download the 2012 report here (pdf). 

Download the 2013 report here (pdf).  

Download the 2014 report here (pdf). 

Download the 2015 report here (pdf).  

Download the 2016 report here.  

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