B.A.U.M. recommends Greenmiles to its Members

Hamburg, 7 May 2008

Greenmiles becomes a B.A.U.M. cooperation partner for carbon offsets.

Following the establishment of the working group “climate strategies for companies,” B.A.U.M. (the Federal German Research Group for Environmentally Conscious Management) – Europe’s largest business association of environmentally-oriented companies – recommended Greenmiles as the right partner for its members. 

B.A.U.M. investigated the complex and constantly expanding market of carbon offset providers and “took into account the significant differences between the providers with respect to project quality, transparency and the accuracy of the measuring of the produced emissions.” 
Greenmiles satisfies the requisite selection criteria for carbon offset providers for B.A.U.M to recommend the company to its members: 

Greenmiles – A Climate Protection and Marketing Specialist 

The founding members of Greenmiles demonstrate proven scientific and advisory knowledge of emission reduction and climate protection projects. On behalf of the EU Commission they developed ways of calculating the reduction of emissions and advised national regulatory authorities on climate protection projects for the GTZ. In Hamburg they raised scientific support for a CO2 competition for the cost-effective prevention of CO2 emissions in industry and trade.

Greenmiles has been cooperating with B.A.U.M on climate protection tickets for automobiles for the Hamburg Climate Competition. Greenmiles also offers companies high-value emission reductions in accordance with the Kyoto standards. The investments are made in renewable and energy-efficient projects that have been registered with the United Nations. The greenmiles trademark can also be integrated easily into products. As the sole carbon offsetting provider, Greenmiles ensures that the emission reductions commissioned are reviewed by an independent auditor (TÜV Nord). 

We are happy to answer any questions from interested companies at unternehmen@greenmiles.de

B.A.U.M. –Selection Criteria for Project Quality
1. Emission Reduction
A compensation project must actually reduce the amount of emissions that can be eliminated and the providers must be able to demonstrate such reduction through reliable evidence. The emissions calculation should be made applying detailed rules and procedures. 
2. Additional Requirement of the Project
It must be made clear whether the project was initiated by the offsetting measures or whether the project would have taken this form nevertheless. In addition, a baseline determination must be provided which shows what the situation would have been without the project and/or additional financing.

3. Control over all Phases
The emissions saved must be evaluated and certified at both the beginning and the end of each individual project by independent organizations. These organizations must be accredited and meet specific requirements. They are responsible for their certification and could lose their accreditation due to malpractice.

4. Social Components
Does the project make a positive contribution to sustainable development in the region? Are new jobs and earning opportunities created? Does the project improve living conditions and the standard of living of the local population? 

B.A.U.M.-Selection Criteria for Customer Service:
5. Accuracy of the Emission Calculation
The emissions must be calculated as accurately as possible depending on the source (airplane, car, company activities etc.). 

6. Transparency
Information about the project, the application of funds and the provider’s method of operation should be made as detailed as possible.

7. Flexibility, Selection, and Consideration of Individual Preferences 
Are the specific customer requests taken into consideration? Does the customer have any influence on the selection of the project? Can the customer develop his/her own project with the provider?

8. Additional Service
Does the provider offer to assist the customer (online or directly) in calculating his/her emissions? Does the provider offer to assist the customer in communicating his/her emission reduction measures? 

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Following the establishment of the working group “climate strategies for companies,” B.A.U.M. e.V. recommended Greenmiles for its members... more...