With greenmiles, you can go one step further with regard to unavoidable emissions: Promote “your own” offsetting project that is exclusively linked to your company or product. This way, you can see exactly where the proceeds of your offsets go.

Different objectives, different regions – and yet all of our offered certified projects have one thing in common: they contribute to sustainable development. Here you can see a selection of climate protection projects that you finance with an offset via greenmiles. The projects meet the criteria of the Gold Standard.
With greenmiles, you also have the option of sponsoring an exclusive offset project. This project is then linked to your company or product and can be optimally used for your corporate communication. A real plus for customer loyalty, marketing, and sales! greenmiles supports you with all the necessary services: We help you select the right project, take care of quality assurance throughout the project, provide communication material, and ensure the annual retirement of the certificates in the appropriate registry.