Climate-neutral businesses play a key role in minimizing the impact of global warming and pursuing the goals of the Paris Agreement. Particularly with the Green Deal, the European Union (EU) has presented a comprehensive package of different climate mitigation measures aimed at achieving climate neutrality in 2050. The course for this must now also be set in the economy.

Public stakeholders and suppliers are urging companies and organizations to implement reduction measures quickly. This easily tempts them to communicate targets whose achievability has not been examined in detail. However, a quick, rough analysis of the carbon footprint is often sufficient to assess what realistic timeframes for an ambitious reduction path might look like. We create such a Carbon Quick-Check with little effort. This forms the basis for carbon due diligence: investors would like to know in advance what climate impact the business model of their potential target investment have and what opportunities and challenges are associated with decarbonization. Carbon due diligence primarily targets the critical areas of a carbon footprint, such as Scope 3 emissions along the upstream value chain (often abroad) and the decarbonization of energy-intensive materials. As part of the Green Deal, the new EU taxonomy will set new standards for the climate impact of investments and financial participations. We accompany you with carbon due diligence.

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