As a specialized company, greenmiles is part of the service portfolio of its parent company HIC Hamburg Institut Consulting GmbH on topics related to the energy transition and climate neutrality. Together they cover all services related to climate neutrality.

Greenmiles was founded in 2007 by Dr. Sven Bode as a pioneer in carbon offsetting. When he fully focused on his successful founding of Flightright, Robert Werner and the Hamburg Institute took over the business and also a large part of the shares. The result of an adjustment of the business model in 2018 was a focus on climate management consulting and strategies as well as concrete reduction measures. The established area of offsetting was successfully tailored to business customers and municipal utilities.

Robert Werner
is managing partner of greenmiles GmbH and also co-founder of the Hamburg Institute. He has many years of expertise as a managing director in the energy industry and advises companies and organizations on climate neutrality.


Juliane Mundt
holds a degree in regional science and sustainability management. Due to her international activities in project development, project management as well as validation and verification of CDM measures (e.g. at GIZ and Germanische Lloyd), she has extensive expertise in the implementation of offsetting measures. She is an experienced project manager.


Jana Kapfer
is a consultant for climate neutrality and offsetting with a focus on local projects such as the restoration of peatlands. After completing her media-related bachelor’s degree in Leipzig, Jana Kapfer earned her master’s degree in international business and sustainability at the University of Hamburg – including a semester abroad in St. Petersburg. As an intern or working student, she already worked for a renowned management consultancy, a green energy provider as well as in a GIZ-project on the voluntary carbon market.

Dr. Sönke Häseler
ist auf die Erstellung von CCF und PCF spezialisiert. Nach dem Studium der Volkswirtschaftslehre an der schottischen University of St. Andrews und studentischer Tätigkeit beim Windenergieanlagenhersteller REpower UK Ltd. in Edinburgh nahm er die Position eines wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters und Doktoranden am Hamburger Institut für Recht und Ökonomik an. Dort befasste er sich neben der Forschung vor allem mit der Leitung und Weiterentwicklung eines internationalen, interdisziplinären Studiengangs.

Alina Thiele
Is our specialist for data management: determination of emission factors, maintenance of databases, CCF and PCF calculation, creation and monitoring of data management plans.
During her studies (Interdisciplinary Public and Nonprofit Studies; Social Economics with focus on Business Administration-Public Management) Alina Thiele specialized in the fields of climate neutrality, the (social) scientific discussion of climate change and climate research. She wrote her master’s thesis on carbon accounting of large events and climate-neutral event planning.

Dr. Sven Bode
has been focusing on climate mitigation and climate policy since 2000. This includes projects at the Hamburgisches WeltWirtschaftsArchiv (HWWA) and for renowned institutions such as GIZ, the EU Commission and the Secretariat of the Working Group on Emissions Trading (AGE) at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. As co-founder and Head of Research of the arrhenius Institute he published many papers in national and international journals. Today, he is a successful serial founder of, among others, Flightright and Myright.

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