All efforts must now be focused on the actual reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, especially CO2 emissions. For many process emissions, the technologies are still being developed. Even kerosene and natural gas cannot be replaced by renewables in a short time, despite the highest CO2 prices and a willingness to invest. For emissions that cannot be avoided now, offsetting creates the financing of additional CO2 reduction measures that would not otherwise be available.

We guide you through the current developments and standards regarding the acknowledgment of offsets and climate finance towards carbon neutrality goals and develop appropriate strategies with you.

Classic offsetting and climate finance

  • Development of offset and financing strategies.
  • Advice on the regulatory framework and specifications of standards (including SBTi, GHG) for the acknowledgment of emission reduction credits on the carbon footprint.
  • Offsetting of a known amount of CO2 emissions
  • Professional support for the calculation of the amount of CO2 emissions
  • Selection of projects according to the customer’s criteria
  • Procurement and retirement of the certificates on own register account of the Gold Standard
  • Support of our customers in the communication of the offsets
  • Certified by TÜV-Nord

Offsetting through emission reductions from exclusive projects

  • We are specialized in arranging projects that only you can exclusively finance, use for offsetting, and of course communicate. This model is especially attractive for utility companies and gas suppliers.
  • In return, you receive price stability for the certificates over several years.
  • We support you in the pre-selection of projects, contract negotiation, communication, and retirement of the certificates.

Offsetting through emission allowances from the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

  • What was not possible for a long time is now feasible: The purchase and retirement of emission allowances from European emissions trading. This is a thoroughly efficient instrument that reduces the total amount of emission allowances.
  • We will find the right service providers for you and, if you wish, take over the handling and project management.
  • Your costs are based on the current CO2 price of the ETS plus fees for services.

Project initiation and management for the restoration of peatlands in Germany

  • Regional projects for CO2 avoidance are unfortunately rare. Yet there are very effective ideas - one of them is the restoration of peatlands. The biological decomposition processes of dried-out peatlands account for five percent of Germany's total CO2 emissions - as much as German air traffic!
  • The restoration of peatlands stops the release of CO2 and methane.
  • We introduce you to this interesting topic and pioneer projects that have a longer lead time in development because they often have to go through a planning approval and permit process.
  • Peatland projects are suitable for actors for whom a regional commitment is important and who want to plan and act for the long term. A peatland restoration project is ideal for companies and municipalities that want to invite more people and stakeholders to get involved.

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